In this podcast we discuss the NLP basic assumption: The map is not the territory. Based on the work of Alfred Korzybski, we assume that human experience is limited because the human nervous system as well as language that we as humans have constructed, are limited. Therefore, every human being experiences only a part of a greater truth, but never the full truth. Hopefully, this podcast gives you useful insights.

With Géraldine, Aurora and Joan

Tomorrow is Today
A life of worth as public proffesional

A civil service assuming a more directing role expects a larger amount of independence and contribution from society than ever before. Such a Public Sector tends to work project-based, requiring collaboration within and outside of the organisation. Technological innovation and digitisation lead to developments occurring at the speed of lightning, leaving us running behind, with as consequence: a need for broader knowledge and content.

Governmental organisations expect mental and physical fitness and flexibility from their civil servants, which in return influences work-life balance. The workplace has become a competence pitch.

The author of Tomorrow is Today worked for many years as civil servant for the Dutch government before changing course in 2015. As expert in the realm of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) she makes the connection between the changing role of the civil servant and NLP, the highway to change and excellence. She interviewed civil servants, governing executives and international NLP professionals. Tomorrow is Today also offers recommendations and practical NLP exercises.

The findings in this book provide civil servants with possible ways of dealing with the many challenges they are confronted with today and tomorrow.

'An accessible book that describes the way to how Neuro-Linguistic Programming can help the public professional to optimise results. Recommended to those who wish to learn more about NLP'
HR Overheid, the professional magazine for the Dutch public sector

Joan Hoexum is an international NLP trainer and coach, consultant, speaker and author. She is the founder of Vitality Solutions - NLP training coaching consultancy, based in The Hague (Netherlands). She works in various local and international partnerships.