Reviews from our course participants and coachees


Reviews from course participants

Michaële van Os, HR advisor at Health&Sports ministry, NLP Practitioner Vitality Solutions, November 2021

"I definitely recommend the NLP training with Joan! I liked the pace and the location is fantastic. I already apply what I have learned so much. Consciously and unconsciously. I am more aware than ever of the power of language. I stop to think more about the meaning of the words I say and write. The same goes for the words I read and hear. I also step regularly onto my own timeline and look at situations from different perspectives and from different roles. I smash my limiting beliefs in pieces!

Aurora Oreamuno, entrepreneur, NLP Coach™ Vitality Solutions, Febrero 2020

"I have taken the full package: NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner and NLP Coach with Joan at Vitality Solutions and am highly satisfied with the results, both personally and professionally."

Wendy Blans, Facility manager, NLP Master Practitioner Vitality Solutions, November 2019

"Thank you for shining a light on my path. NLP was what I was missing in my life and now I can't do without it! A big thank you!"

Casper Boeters, NLP Practitioner Summer course Vitality Solutions, August 2019

"Before the NLP training, I had no idea what to strive for in life. Now, I am better able to manage my emotional states and to set clear goals. My communication skills have improved substantially. What is more, through NLP it became really easy to quit smoking! In short: highly recommended!"

Billie Chamberlain, English teacher, NLP Practitioner Summer course Vitality Solutions, July 2019

"I took the NLP Practitioner course with Vitality Solutions less than a year ago and I'm still under its spell. I was in awe when the NLP techniques cured me of a crippling claustrophobia in only an hour! Joan was amazing at helping me get out of my comfort zone. She empowered me to take a peek into the endless possibilities that awaited me in this fantastic personal transformation journey. Only with her wisdom and knowledge was I able to become the best Billie there is today! I am forever grateful to her and to myself for having made the choice to dive deep into the NLP world. As a language teacher, I have made it my mission to help students grow without thinking they are growing; and that is the magic of NLP."

Filiz Tozak, HR advisor ministry of Defense, NLP Practitioner Vitality Solutions, December 2018

"I have been lucky enough to take the NLP Practitioner and the NLP Master Practitioner trainings once more at Vitality Solutions. Joan is an inspiring NLP trainer. She is skilled in transferring the NLP knowledge to the participants. Her way of training is a well-balanced combination of theory and practicial exercises. She practices what she preaches, especially regarding the sensory modalities, by which she enhances the learning effect in the participants. There is room for personal attention for everyone. In short: I am fully energized after her trainings and new insights keep coming!"

Virgil, personal fitness trainer, NLP workshop, November 2018

"The NLP workshop has been very useful to me. Truly an eye-opener seeing how much change someone experiences in a short time with NLP tools. Very motivating!"

Jessica Postema, Recruitment consultant, NLP Practitioner course Vitality Solutions, March 2018

"Joans NLP Practitioner course has been a life-changing and very pleasant experience. Joan is an inspiring NLP trainer who knows how to captivate people through her clear verbal and non-verbal communication. She has a positive attitude and uses a lot of humour. I have been able to apply the NLP knowledge and techniques and integrate them, thanks to the fine balance between theory and practice. Since the course concluded, I have been applying NLP in daily life. My communication skills and relationships with others have improved significantly. I am more self-conscious and have grown as a person. It feels wonderful to be in charge of my life! That is why I recommend this NLP Practitioner training to everyone who also wishes to become their best version. Thank you Joan!"

H.B., Business & IT consultant, NLP Practitioner course Vitality Solutions, March 2018

"In these nine days I fully immersed in the world of NLP and how it could help me to further grow as a person and realize my ambtitions. I am more aware of my own communication and how to become an elegant speaker. I've also learned tools that will help me to organize myself better internally. The trainer is a training Star: commited, passionate, expert. All making for a pleasant and safe learning experience and environment. "

Inge Baltus, civil servant, NLP Practitioner summer course Vitality Solutions, August 2017

"Very good! I liked the concept, six long consecutive training days in summer. Nicely structured with the right balance of theory/practice and hard work/relaxation. Nice atmosphere. Great location and inspiring trainer!"

Mai Tasaka, yoga and Feldenkrais teacher, NLP Practitioner Vitality Solutions, July 2017

"I enjoyed every moment of the course. The group was amazing. So much learning, so much fun!"

Kam, creative illustrator, NLP Practitioner summer course Vitality Solutions, July 2017

"Trance-formational. Phenomenal. The impact of the course is still setting in. I am realising so much about myself. Joan is an incredibly understanding guide, delivering a vast amount of wisdom in such a short amount of time. The insights keep coming. NLP is no classroom practise, but it strikes me as deeply humane and fundamental to self-attainment and self-understanding. It is like learning what you always knew, but somehow forgot."

Raquel R., IT professional, NLP Practitioner course Vitality Solutions, January 2017

"I found the course very helpful in that it allowed me to (further) develop several skills which I can immediately apply both in my professional and personal life. As I am particularly interested in the usage of language to 'shape behaviours', I especially enjoyed the parts related to Milton language patterns and re-framing. The course takes place with a small number of participants, which enables each person to get a lot of attention and share their experience in a trusted environment. It was a great experience."

Guy S., PhD researcher Erasmus MC, NLP Practitioner Vitality Solutions, January 2016

"I came to know Joan in a one-day NLP workshop, which led later to taking the NLP practitioner course with her. Put aside the interesting and important information that I learned during the course, the course design, the quality of exercises meant for internalizing the knowledge, and above all the personal touch with Joans smile and passion, made this course a very worthwhile experience. I would highly recommend Joans courses to anyone thinking about improving life with the knowledge that NLP has to offer."

A Vitality Solutions workshop participant, European Patent Office, June 2016

"It was a fun day, where theory was intertwined with practical exercises. Joan is a friendly and smiling person, she is easily approachable. She explains the material in a very clear and no-non-sense manner. She knows how to make people feel comfortable (well, as a NLP trainer, she should, right?!) The workshop venue is pleasant. If you don't know anything about NLP, this is a good way to get a first introduction."

Henk van der Veen, controller Schruter Electronics B.V., NLP Practitioner Vitality Solutions, November 2015

"I followed a NLP Communication workshop from Joan and consecutively the NLP Practitioner course. She turned out to be a highly motivated, determined and inspirational person. She has a real passion for life and that is reflected in her training and coaching, which she carries out with such enthusiasm and professionalism. Joan uses her intuition and powerful questions to help you get to the crux of issues and helps you find your own solutions in a very supportive way. I can really recommend the NLP courses from her!"

Pieter van Dam, procurement manager Cofely, NLP Practitioner Vitality Solutions, October 2015

"Joan is a very good speaker, trainer and coach. Her way of teaching made sure I learned as much as possible in a short amount of time. Thanks very much for this Joan!"

Jarno Drevers, mechanical engineer, NLP Master Practitioner Vitality Solutions, November 2020

With great satisfaction I look back on a highly educational experience. I have learned to perceive much more sharply with my senses. I let go of certain thoughts more easily and have learned to think in possibilities instead of problems. I always have a choice! I have also learned to communicate without judgment: nothing is wrong nor right. This makes me look at situations differently and express myself more powerfully. What you learn can be applied directly in daily life. In summary, I can say that I have learned a new set of powerful tools that enhance my interpersonal skills.
From the start of the training, a process is set in motion that inexplicably cannot be stopped. Joan conveys knowledge in a passionate, energetic and inspiring way, in a familiar and pleasant environment. Still in doubt? Go experience yourself and see how much pleasure you can handle!

Kevin Klijnsmit, Corporate development manager, NLP Practitioner Vitality Solutions, January 2017

"A very positive impression and a good balance between practical and theory. I recommend the NLP training course by Vitality Solutions because it is effective and well run. Practising the exercises was very helpful. The facilitator is knowledgeable and experienced in delivering NLP training."

K.B., participant NLP Introduction workshop at Vitality Solutions, May 2017

"Joan covered a lot of deep ground within a short space of time, very clearly and concisely. As a life coach, I will definitely be having a second look at the practise of NLP."

Ronald van Berkel, manager Finance, NLP Practitioner Summer course Vitality Solutions, August 2019

"NLP to me is: behavioural change and modelling successful behaviour combined with congruent internal and external communication. Looking back on the weeks after the course, I have come to realise how much of it I already apply unconsciously in daily life. By using the NP presuppositions, I look at other persons' behaviour in a more observant and mild way. I feel much more connected to others through my communication and am more aware of my own internal communication. I am so interested now, that I expect to also take the next level, the NLP Master Practitioner course. I have taken the intense path (the Summer course in seven consecutive days) and it was a fantastic experience to be fully immersed in NLP. Joan has an engaging personality and is a professional trainer. I would recommend anyone to take the NLP Practitioner course with Joan!"

Hanneke, consultant Crisismanagement, NLP Practitioner Summer course Vitality Solutions, August 2019

""The main difference that I notice with before the course, is the sense that the world is weighing less on me. I have learned to observe more by using my senses and worry less over things. I am thinking more and more in possibilities instead of problems: I always have a choice. I am milder to myself and know how to express myself in a more powerful way. Already from the start of the course, an unconscious process begins that is unstoppable and that makes me enjoy every day to the fullest!"

Mohnish Sharma, financial advisor, self-employed, NLP Coach Vitality Solutions, March 2019

"Joan stands out from other trainers by making me experience NLP, learn from it about myself and transform, whereas others rather explain the concept, models and scripts as a theory, withouth the learning experience. Joan has set out to continue Dr. Richard Bandlers mission and vision in her own authentic way. This training has helped me enhance my inner compass, awareness and communication. I am now able to listen at a deeper level as well as comprehend the differences between my own inner reality and the inner reality of others."

Figen, NLP Coach and Reiki-master, NLP Master Practitioner Vitality Solutions, December 2018

"After completing the NLP Practitioner and NLP Master Practitioner courses I feel self-confident, happy and positive. I have asked myself ever since why no-one told me before that it is so easy to achieve these outcomes with NLP! I look back on fantastic, fun and at times intense learning moments with Joan, together with the other great participants. If you want to live a balanced life mentally, physically and emotionally, then this course is for you. Last and not least, if you wish to help others on their own path in life the way Joan does, then take this course."

Donna, financial consultant NLP Practitioner Summer course at Vitality Solutions, August 2018

"I've had a fantastic week at the intensive NLP Practitioner Summer course. Not only is Joan an inspiring trainer and skilled coach who knows the NLP techniques. She also lives the skills. Through her practical approach and exciting tasks she got us in no time in a high performance state. Joan received her training from both co-creators of NLP, Richard Bandler and John Grinder. She also studied and learned from various NLP trainers. This shows through her broad knowledge of NLP. Her NLP toolbox is also stacked with useful and fun exercises. I recommed this course! Thank you for a wonderful learning experience."

Marian, entrepreneur and writer, NLP Practitioner course Vitality Solutions, March 2018

"Joan showed us in an inspiring way and with energy and passion the possibilities for better communication to enhance personal and professional relationships. I have taken many courses and workshops for personal development and can now confirm that the NLP course with Joan has been the most meaningful to me. To communicate without judgement, there is no right or wrong, you have the right to be you, some of the presuppositions and insights that came along. A positive intention and pleasure empower you in life. Joan was our companion on this journey. There is so much more that I could write but it is better to experience for yourself. I advise you to take the challenge and take this NLP course. Hopefully, you will experience as I did that you always have a choice to make a positive change to your life. How much pleasure can you stand?'"

Emma, HR consultant, NLP Coach™ course participant at Vitality Solutions, February 2018

"There were ample opportunities to actually practice coaching with real clients and fellow participants and receive feedback for improvement in a safe learning environment. During the coach training, I could see all the knowledge and tools from the previous NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner training coming together. The sessions were very interactive and with her flexible and purpose-oriented approach, Joan has carefully guided me throughout my transformation journey. I look forward to further discoveries on my new path as NLP Coach!"

Diana Herbrink, civil servant, NLP Practitioner summer course Vitality Solutions, August 2017

"Now that the training course is concluded, I am more than ready to get on the path to self-attainment, self-understanding, enhanced congruence, awareness, focus, joy and happiness, for myself ánd for others. NLP is the personal development tool that leads to becoming detached so that I can live both my private and work life with more purpose.
I recommend Vitality Solutions' NLP training courses, not only because of the amount of knowledge, skills and expertise, but foremost because of the true passion and joy that Joan transmits to the participants."

Abdoellah Essaoui, February 2018, Private coaching
My experience in working with Joan has been very inspiring and insightful. She has guided me with some big decisions in my professional and personal life. As a coach, she is very easy to talk to, and has shared a lot of impactful tools with me that I still use today. I have seen Joan develop from an NLP practitioner to a natural NLP Master, published writer and ambitious entrepreneur. Because of this, I consider her a true NLP Master in heart and soul and a personal mentor that I can learn a lot from.

Adria, October 2017, Private coaching
I met Joan in March 2017. For over ten years I had been smoking one package of cigarettes a day. I wanted to quit but just wasn't able. I felt bad about myself and was fed up with myself. Joan worked with me using NLP techniques like visualization and immediately after that first session, I knew that this time I could quit. Now six months later, I haven't touched a cigarette. I feel so much better, both mentally and physically. NLP is powerful and I felt very much at ease with Joan.

Davey, August 2017, Private coaching

I am truly impressed by Joans coaching skills and personality. Her positive energy is contagious. She has a no-nonsense approach and is purposeful and inspiring. I will recommend Vitality Solutions and Joan in my networks.

Emilda April 2016, Private coaching

Joan is a highly experienced and impactful coach. Her energy and care shine through; she is very focused on ensuring her methods are having the right effect on the individual and the outcome we are looking for as clients. Her international experience was a big bonus for me due to my own background and needs. Having attended her programmes, I highly recommend Joan both as a coach and as an NLP trainer.

Carmen, March 2015, Private coaching
I have gained valuable insights in myself in the coaching sessions with Joan. She listened to me without prejudice and together we set new goals for personal growth. I learnt new techniques that I already make use of in my personal life. It was an eye opening experience and I can recommend Joan to anyone looking to make positive changes in his/her life.