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Joan Hoexum, Founder and CEO

Joan is a speaker, author, internationally recognized NLP trainer and coach, licensed sports performance coach and NLP coach trainer.

She received her trainer training from Richard Bandler (father and founder of NLP) in the U.S. and is part of his select group of assistant trainers.

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"The most beautiful thing you can become is yourself.''

Feeling tired, stressed, worried, insecure? Experiencing physical discomfort without a clear cause? Sometimes life itself solves things for you. But waiting too long for these emotions and discomfort to pass is not very effective and may lead to bigger problems. The feeling of being stuck and not seeing a way out, encountering always the same problem is not what you want. It is time for change. You decide that it is enough and that the moment to take action has arrived. Realising this is already half the job! If you need help to find the right outcome, contact me! I can coach you fast and in an effective way.

My approach: recognise your inner resources and find new strategies that fit you, to bring about the desired outcome. You will start to notice that you are in charge of your life.

Call or email for a free consult in which we will find out if I am the right person to help you, if we connect as coach and coachee and we can build on mutual trust and respect. During a 45-minute intake session we will agree on our expectations, the timeline and rates. In a number of sessions we will discover, if not yet clear, in which direction you wish to grow and whether this is convenient for you. You will learn how to master your emotions. You will be handed practical tools by me with which you will practice during a number of weeks. You will set your goals more clearly as we both see your progress.

It is my goal to clear you from limiting beliefs in order to enhance your personal growth. To create awareness in you that you have access to your unlimited inner resources. You realise that you are indeed in charge!

I am registered as NLP Coach with the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming of Dr. Richard Bandler.

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