NLP Master Practitioner

Licensed Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming®


For those who are already certified NLP Practitioners, this course enhances your Practitioner skills at a deeper level. NLP Master Practitioner training peels open the skills you learned in the Practitioner training, showing you the core beneath. From here, you learn NLP modelling, the foundations on which to build your own unique skills.

What will you learn?

Mastery of the Milton Language Model and Meta Model - the Meta programs: learning to recognize different thinking styles - enhancing sensory acuity and using it in new ways - hypnotic induction and further applications of hypnosis - how rapport can pace and lead clients further than they imagine - covert hypnosis - powerful use of metaphors - installing strategies for creativity - strategies of persuasion through Sleight of Mouth - elegant and effective communication.


Classes are interactive and dynamic. There are live demos and you will immediately put into practice what you have just learned. Maximum group size is ten, thus ensuring lots of personal attention, in a safe environment. You will receive the manual of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming™ at the start of the course.


NLP Practitioner: your investment in personal growth

€ 2.095,00 (VAT/BTW 21% excl.)

10% discount is applicable when a second or more students register at the same time (one invoice).

Included in this rate are the international certificate signed by NLP co-creator Dr. Richard Bandler, the official manual, other course materials, lunch, coffee and tea. Please contact me for a discount if you have already completed the Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming® at Vitality Solutions. You may also contact me about a payment plan.

Many employers pay for their employees' NLP courses as it is an investment in personal development and communication skills that lead to their performance enhancement. It will be worth it to discuss this with your employer.


The Licensed Master Practitioner of NLP course is offered in three modules. Next (English) course starts:

Spring 2023

Course dates: to be announced

Certification (after presenting your modelling strategy to an audience): to be announced

Times: 10am - 5pm. Room open at 09.30am.

Please note that you need to have completed the NLP Practitioner course (certified by the Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming of Dr. Richard Bandler),
prior to taking the NLP Master Practitioner course with us.

Course facilities

The course takes place in a former schoolbuilding right in the heart of The Hague! It is easily accessible by bike, car or public transportation. See Map. Those who arrive early will find free parking space right next to the building. Paid parking nearby on the streets and in parking garages.