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"There is something that you know, but don't know that you know..." I believe that all of us know deep inside, that you 'know it' and 'can do it'. Oftentimes through events in the past we are disconnected from our inner self and have no clear vision of who we want to be, where we want to go in life. This happened to me. I felt I had no direction in life. I was discontented and restless and had no focus. I needed to find out who I really was and what I wanted in this lifetime. And when I got deeper into NLP, many answers started to come. I was able to see how my own thoughts and beliefs had kept me always in the same place. By learning to change my thoughts, I created more options for myself. It was a liberating process.

It is this awareness that change starts within yourself if you are unhappy with how things currently are in your life. From then on it is just a matter of decíding to change in order to grow as a person and achieve your goals, in the areas of life that you choose. Because we can be in control of our thoughts and consequent feelings, behaviour and communication. We humans are actually not designed to be unhappy!

That is what NLP - Neuro Linguistic Programming - is all about... And much more! It is my belief that by applying its practical yet powerful techniques we transform into better and happier persons and this will ultimately lead to a better world.

Joan Hoexum, Founder and CEO
Joan is consultant, guest speaker, international licensed trainer of NLP, licensed sports performance coach and Coach trainer.

She received her NLP training in the U.S. directly from NLP co-founder Dr. Richard Bandler and is part of his selected international team of assisting trainers.

Joan and the wonderful NLP coaches trained by Joan can be booked here.


Licensed NLP courses by Vitality Solutions in The Hague. Vitality Solutions offers you the purest NLP Practitioner course in 9 days, followed, optionally, by the 9 day NLP Master Practitioner course, both under the quality seals of The Society of Neuro-Linguistic Programming of Richard Bandler.


Tomorrow is Today - A life of worth as public professional. A civil service assuming a more directing role expects a larger amount of independence and contribution from society than ever before. Such a Public Sector tends to work project-based, requiring collaboration within and outside of the organisation.


Courses and workshops in 2021.
During our courses we respect everyone's health follow carefully the directives of the Dutch National Institute
for Public Health and the Environment (RIVM). We also provide workshops both on- and offline.

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